What We Do


Beowulf Energy is an active developer of power and energy infrastructure projects. Our broad expertise in renewable and conventional power generation, midstream and downstream oil & gas, digital assets, and other energy-focused businesses allow us to anticipate opportunities and execute projects efficiently. Beowulf leverages deep in-house EPC, operations & maintenance, external affairs and financing expertise to ensure (i) a disciplined approach to development and investment, deploying effective risk mitigation techniques throughout project development, (ii) projects are structured to achieve construction financial close, (iii) assets operate efficiently day-to-day upon commissioning, and (iv) the project life is extended, enhanced and maximized through intelligent development, design, engineering, construction, and operations.  

Operations and Maintenance & Asset Management

Beowulf Energy, through its wholly owned affiliate, Colorado Energy Management, LLC, is a highly regarded operating manager with experience in energy infrastructure operations, management, and construction. Beowulf Energy serves as an owner-operator of its assets to ensure they achieve the highest availability at the lowest possible cost, thereby aligning incentives among project sponsors, plant operators, and plant off-takers. We also provide operations and maintenance and asset management services to third parties.

Decommissioning and Repositioning

Beowulf Energy optimizes all stages of the asset lifecycle from initial development through decommissioning, and site repositioning. We partner with leading technology firms and local stakeholders to bring online state-of-the-art projects that utilize existing valuable infrastructure and skilled workforce to transform high-quality assets for a new energy future.